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Top Virtual Renovation Companies in 2024

Top Virtual Renovation Companies in 2024

Top Virtual Renovation Companies in 2024

Are you a realtor, new home builder, developer, or contractor looking to elevate your property listings? Virtual renovation companies are transforming the real estate market by providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions for home staging and renovations. Here, we present the top virtual renovation companies for 2024, evaluated based on quality of the final product, turnaround time, price, customer service, and reputation.

1. Luxury Staging Pro

Quality of the Final Product

Luxury Staging Pro stands out with its stunning, photorealistic renderings that breathe new life into any space. Their attention to detail ensures that every element—from furniture placement to lighting—appears impeccably real.


Despite offering premium services, Luxury Staging Pro maintains competitive pricing. They provide various packages to accommodate different budgets while delivering exceptional value. Clients appreciate the transparent pricing model with no hidden fees, allowing for clear financial planning. Revisions are included with the purchase of virtual renovation. Pricing for virtual renovation ranges from $25 - $53 per photo, depending on exactly what is needed.

Customer Service

The customer service at Luxury Staging Pro is top-notch, with a dedicated support team available to assist clients at all stages of their projects. From initial consultations to post-delivery support, the team ensures a seamless and satisfying experience. Positive testimonials frequently highlight the company's responsive and helpful nature.

Turnaround Time

They offer an impressive turnaround time, completing most virtual renovation projects within 48 hours. This quick turnaround is perfect for realtors and developers who need fast, high-quality results. This speed does not compromise the quality, as each project undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards.

Customer Service

Their customer service team is known for being responsive and attentive, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience from start to finish. They are US-based, which helps tremendously when communicating project goals and revisions.


With many positive reviews and a robust portfolio of successfully completed projects, Luxury Staging Pro has built a strong reputation in the industry. Trusted by top real estate professionals, developers, and contractors, the company continues to lead with innovation and excellence.

Overall, Luxury Staging Pro's exceptional product quality, rapid turnaround times, fair pricing, outstanding customer service, and stellar reputation make it a top choice for virtual renovations in 2024.

2. Styldod

Quality of the Final Product

Styldod delivers medium-quality virtual renovations that are visually appealing and functional, for a fair price. While their renderings are slightly less photorealistic compared to Luxury Staging Pro, they still manage to create impressive transformations that enhance the potential of any space.

Turnaround Time

Styldod is known for its rapid turnaround times, often delivering completed renovations within 24 hours. This speed is particularly advantageous for real estate professionals who need to showcase properties quickly. However, this swift delivery can sometimes come at a cost. The expedited process may lead to minor compromises in quality, with some renderings lacking the finer details and realism that might be achieved with a longer timeframe. Despite this, Styldod's balance of quick service and reasonable quality makes them a viable option for those needing efficient virtual renovation services.


Styldod offers competitive pricing, with virtual renovation costs ranging from $5 and up per photo. Their flexible pricing structure caters to a variety of budgets, making professional virtual renovation affordable for many clients. They base their pricing on a "per-item" structure instead of a "one price for all" virtual renovation structure. This method may help you save a few bucks if price is the top concern.


Styldod has built a solid reputation for reliable and quality service. They are well-regarded in the industry, receiving positive feedback for their commitment to delivering satisfactory results, although not as prominently acclaimed as Luxury Staging Pro.

3. Bella Virtual Staging


Bella Virtual Staging offers a solid option for virtual renovation services, providing reasonably realistic and functional renderings. However, they fall short in a few areas that may affect the overall user experience.

Quality and Realism

Bella Virtual Staging delivers decent quality in its virtual renovations, enabling potential buyers to visualize the full potential of a property. While their renderings may not be as polished or lifelike as some competitors, they manage to convey the essential upgrades and improvements effectively.

Website User Experience

One notable downside of Bella Virtual Staging is their somewhat clunky website interface. Navigating through the various service options and understanding their offerings can be confusing. The website lacks intuitive design elements, making it less user-friendly, especially for those new to virtual staging and renovation services.

Order Process

The most significant drawback is the absence of clear instructions on how to add order details or specific requirements prior to checkout. This can lead to misunderstandings or incomplete orders, creating a frustration point for clients who want to communicate their precise needs. This lack of clarity in the order process may deter potential clients from choosing Bella Virtual Staging for their virtual renovation projects.


Choosing the right virtual renovation company can make a significant difference in how your properties are perceived by potential buyers. Whether you prioritize quick turnaround times, impeccable quality, or excellent customer service, the companies listed above will give you a good head start. Transform your listings and stand out in a competitive market by partnering with these industry leaders.

Ready to get started? Visit Luxury Staging Pro today and discover how we can help you revolutionize your property presentations. Click Here to learn more about getting started with your virtual renovation project. 

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