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Everything You Need to Know About Exterior 3D Renderings From Blueprints

Everything You Need to Know About Exterior 3D Renderings From Blueprints

With most purchases, you’ve got a pretty clear idea of what the finished product looks like. But when it comes to building a home, it’s not possible to see the finished product until the work is complete. This poses many challenges for potential buyers. How will they know what the completed home will look like? How do different design choices look in the home? 

Fortunately, 3D exterior renders can answer these questions, providing a simple way for homebuilders, real estate agents and buyers to visualize the property, taking away some of the guesswork by bringing blueprints to life. 

Take a look at everything you need to know about exterior 3D renderings from blueprints from Luxury Staging Pro.



Who are exterior 3D renderings for?

3D home renderings are suitable for a range of different people. For new home builders and real estate agents listing new build properties, 3D renderings provide a realistic visualization of a property that can help viewers see the finished product before it’s completed. Providing accuracy and simplicity, these are a fantastic tool for developers, while serving as ideal marketing material for real estate agents to show to their prospective buyers. 

What are the main benefits of exterior 3D renderings?

Exterior 3D renderings come with a range of benefits, including:

Visualize the work before it’s completed

Buying a new-build home comes with a lot of unknowns. While new builds are designed according to a blueprint, a flat plan doesn’t help to fuel the imagination. With 3D renderings, however, you can see how the property will look when it’s completed, including any unique style points.

Seeing the visualization of the property in this way can also help allow for any modifications needed prior to the work starting. This could save some time and money further down the line.


Showcase different finishes with ease

Many new build properties come with different finishes that can be chosen according to the customer’s preferences. Being able to visualize the property with a 3D render will allow builders and real estate agents to showcase the different finishes available with the property, helping to give clients a clearer picture, and help them choose the most suitable finish for their needs.

Provides materials for marketing the property

It’s not always easy to market a home that hasn’t been built yet, which is why 3D exterior renders can come in handy. These 3D renders provide excellent marketing materials which can be used to help sell the property, including images for brochures, emails, social media posts and websites. Being able to show clients what their home will look like can make it easier to sell the property than simply basing it off blueprints and descriptions alone.

Who provides 3D exterior renders?

3D exterior renders are provided by experienced virtual designers, creating incredible virtual renders that showcase the features of a home before it’s even built. Luxury Staging Pro is a leader in providing impressive 3D renders to suit a range of needs. 

Founded by marketer and designer Kelly Waterman, Luxury Staging Pro combines the two areas to provide clients with the materials they need to present their properties with ease. Services include:

  • Highlight the features of your new build through realistic visual designs. 
  • Transform your property into a work of art, ready to be shown to prospective buyers.
  • Showcase key features and finishes in detail, including customizable options that can help your buyers make their final purchasing decisions.
  • Enjoy 3D exterior renders that can compliment virtual interior staging and floor plans to provide you with a full and professional suite of marketing materials. 

Luxury Staging Pro takes the hard work out of creating your 3D render, working from your blueprint to create the perfect, realistic render that will dazzle your customers. Each design is carried out by experienced architectural desginers who ensure designs feature accurate proportions and great detail.

We understand that buying and selling a new build home comes with a lot of unknowns, but we’re here to make the process simpler, providing an accurate visual of the completed product. With prices starting at $350, exterior rendering is an affordable way to market your property to buyers, providing the perfect materials for your portfolio.

What you need to get started 

Getting started with Luxury Staging Pro’s 3D exterior render services couldn’t be simpler. If you’ve got your blueprints to hand, you can email us the information. We’ll work quickly to turn your design around, offering a 5 day turnaround to the majority of our customers. If you require modifications or alternative options, we’ll be able to work directly with you to incorporate your changes to provide the most accurate render for your needs. 

When you place an order with us, you’ll receive:

  • Your own project manager.
  • High-quality render images tailored to your preferences.
  • Friendly, accommodating US-based designers.
  • A gallery of images to share with clients

Working with us means you get the very best service to ensure the best end result for you. No matter the size of the project, we’re here to deliver excellence and effective customer service. Many of our customers return to us again and again to benefit from the premium 3D renders we provide. 

Further information

If you want further information about our 3D exterior renders, the n please get in touch. You can schedule a call with a designer to discuss your needs, or order directly via email.

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