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The Rise of Virtual Renovation

The Rise of Virtual Renovation

Find out more about the rise of virtual renovation.

For both real estate realtors and new home builders, managing customer expectations plays a key role in your overall success. For example, many buyers want to know ahead of time how their new home will look, which can be difficult if you’re currently working on an empty or yet-to-be-built property. 

Fortunately, recent technological innovations mean that there is a clear solution in place - virtual renovations! 

A guest room/ nursery combo before virtual renovation

A child's bedroom after

What are Virtual Renovations? 

Virtual renovations are the process of virtually renovating or remodeling a room (or an entire property). Through the use of specialist editing technology, professional designers work to create a virtual rendering of the space, taking into account a range of client requests. 

For example, this software can be used to: 

  • Add/remove furniture 
  • Change the layout of furniture 
  • Experiment with different design choices 
  • Change the flooring, walls, and more.
  • Map out and envision potential construction work
  • Draw attention to your property’s key assets and features
  • Virtually finish a new construction home 
  • Show how improvements could look on an older home

In short, virtual renovation gives new home builders the chance to show their clients how their property will look, before they have finished working on its construction. This means they can better manage client expectations moving forward, or make changes to plans where necessary.

They are similar beneficially for real estate agents and realtors, as they can allow them to stage the property effectively. This not only means that they can garner more attention through their listings, but studies suggest that staged homes generally sell faster and for more money. It also gives them the capability to show potential buyers how a home would look with personalised updates. 

An unfinished sport court before virtual renovation


A virtually finished and renovated sport court after


Who can Benefit from Virtual Renovations? 

Virtual renovation firms can be hired by a wide variety of individuals looking to experiment with interior design. This includes: 

  • New home builders
  • Real estate agents or agencies looking to maximize listing potential
  • Interior designers and architects 
  • Home renovation specialists and builders
  • Homeowners looking to carry out renovations
  • Homeowners looking to stage their home for sale

Virtual Renovation: A Timeline. 

Real estate agents and interior designers alike have been using aspects of virtual renovation technology for decades. After all, it enables them to envision how a project will look upon completion during the initial planning stages. 

However, in recent years, advancements in technology that its use has become more widespread. This means that images that may once have looked poorly photo-shopped, with furniture “copied and pasted” into empty spaces, are now indistinguishable from real-life images. 

For example, the explosion of AI technology in 2022 means that it is easier than ever to carry out a virtual remodel of your property. This is because skilled designers can now make edits more seamlessly without taking away from the quality of the original image itself.

As such, whether you’re looking to test out design ideas for a luxury living room or looking to virtually stage your home, virtual staging and renovation experts are on hand to bring your vision to life. 

An unappealing carport area before virtual renovation

A virtually reimagined space using virtual renovation technology

What are the Benefits of Virtual Renovations? 

From testing out a range of different designs to saving money, there are many benefits associated with virtual renovations or remodels.

Virtual renovations allow new home builders to test out a range of different designs before committing to a project. This means that you can ensure your vision for the property aligns with your client’s vision for their dream home - with every last detail, from wallpaper patterns and color schemes, taken into account. This can help you save a considerable amount of time, energy and money. 

For realtors, virtual renovations allow you to digitally improve a property for sale without having to invest resources into buying new furniture and homeware. Instead, you can revamp a tired-looking property so that you can present the home in the best possible light, winning over viewers before they have even stepped foot on the property.

Conducting this work virtually is far cheaper than actually renovating the space, with a recent study finding that “virtual staging is able to cut staging costs 97%.” 

Predictions on the Future of Virtual Renovation.

As photo and video editing software continues to advance (aided in part by the use of AI technology), virtual renovations are set to become standard tools for architects, interior designers, real estate regents, and homeowners alike. 

After all, this will provide them with the opportunity to see what is possible when remodeling their homes without any risk whatsoever. For example, it means that they can try out a specific color scheme without having to pick up a single paintbrush. This means that they can determine ahead of time what works (and what does not).

For real estate agents, virtual remodeling tools will be used to help ensure the true value of a property is reflected in their listings. After all, a nicely-furnished, well-designed space will look far superior and much more appealing than an empty property. It will also give buyers the opportunity to envision how the home will look once they move in, especially if the virtual renovations are built to accommodate their tastes.

Finally, home builders and construction companies can also use virtual remodeling technology to bring blueprints and designs to life prior to new builds being finished. This will show prospective buyers what an unfinished home will look like on an MLS listing in advance.

An unfinished recreation room in a new construction home.

The same recreation room virtually finished after.

Final Thoughts. 

The use of virtual renovation and remodeling software is on the rise - and for a good reason. From lowering the costs associated with staging a property to aiding new home builders during the initial stages of construction, virtual renovations are changing the face of property sales. 

At Luxury Staging Pro, we’re on hand to help, whether you’re a new home builder looking to share ideas with your clients or a real estate agent looking to maximize listing potential.

Focusing on high-end opulence and luxury, our team of editors is on hand to create the best virtually staged images of your property. 

With prices starting at just $38 per image and a 24-48 hour turnaround, we’d love to work with you on your next renovation project. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more! 

Virtually staged rustic luxury living room

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