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Virtual Staging in a Seller's Market

Virtual Staging in a Seller's Market

Virtual Staging in a Seller’s Market

When demand for housing outpaces supply, that’s deemed a seller’s market. In many major metropolitan areas over the last several years, housing has been selling incredibly fast. It’s commonplace to list a house, set an offer-review date, and watch the above-listing price offers r

ll right in. Often buyers will even waive contingencies or pay all cash! The listings are scooped up so fast that realtors and their clients wonder if it’s even necessary to stage the home. The short answer is: Yes! The longer answer is yes, but oftentimes virtual staging makes way more sense, especially when the real estate market is so hot. Continue on to find out why virtual staging is the way to go during a seller’s market. 

Why Forgo Traditional “Live” Staging During a Seller’s Market?

The number one reason is the price! Traditional staging is labor intensive; requiring movers/hangers/designers all showing up and working. It’s also time-intensive as it requires coordination of your staging company, their movers, the realtor’s schedule and the homeowner’s schedule. Additionally, photography has to be scheduled around everything else. Consider also that the live staging company usually has a one month minimum furniture-rental fee, and you or your client are likely going to be paying for services you don’t need. If a house is selling in less than a week, why pay for staging for a month or more? All these factors add up to thousands of dollars in staging fees.

Traditional Staging Involves Many Players and is Expensive

Virtual Staging, on the other hand - is far more affordable. Oftentimes, you can get a 2,500 square-foot home staged with luxury furnishings and décor for less than $500 (and sometimes a lot less, depending on who your virtual stager is --more on that later). The staged scenes look ultra-realistic and have more updated furniture catalogs than traditional stagers can afford to keep up with. You’ll have far more say in the final look of each staged room - and changes are quick, easy and (with a reputable virtual stager) free!

Buyers Are Eager and What Matters Most is the Photography

Gone are the days when clients had to hop in your car on a Saturday morning and spend the whole day being taken to listings that only you had access to. What’s more likely is that buyers are telling you which homes they want to see based on one thing: The photography.

Photography is so Important When It Comes to Virtual Staging


Splurge a little on photography and luxury virtual staging and there will be buyers lined up at the door. Getting them there is what matters most when it comes to getting the property sold.

Choosing the Right Virtual Staging Company

Price is only one factor when deciding which company to use for your virtual staging needs. Study their before/after gallery and take note of the price of the listings they are staging. Make sure they are accustomed to virtually styling luxury homes, and that your staging tastes are mostly aligned with theirs. It will make working together a lot more productive if you’re on the same page style-wise with your stager. Be cautious of “big box” or “high volume” stagers and companies. The price is right, but the care and attention to detail may not be. Find a boutique staging firm, such as Luxury Staging Pro. We focus on relationships first, production second. We hope to establish ongoing relationships with our customers and as such, we take great care to provide an exceptional finished product.

Virtually staged rustic luxury living room

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