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Virtual Staging Before and After

Virtual Staging Before and After

Are you looking to make the most of your real estate listing photos? If so, then virtual staging could be an ideal solution. It’s a cost-effective way to display properties online, and can help entice potential buyers with its before and after transformation story. It also works wonders to help buyers envision themselves in your listing spaces by creating beautiful, professionally designed rooms without the high cost and physical inconveniences of traditional staging. 

With the world of real estate rapidly evolving, virtual staging is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for real estate agents, property managers and new construction home builders to quickly and effectively showcase their properties. From realtors to builders and developers, virtual staging can be an invaluable asset when it comes to showing potential buyers what their homes could look like in its fully furnished state. Let's take a closer look at the before and after effects of virtual staging--and how you might benefit from it!

Empty rooms are completely devoid of personality and inspiration, as you can see here: 

A new construction home with modern colors and styles, but completely empty without furniture or decoration

It's a nice, new constriction home but without any virtual staging it looks really dull. Compare it now with the finished virtually staged "after" photo:

A Virtually staging living and patio area with a modern white couch, white and gold coffee tables and side tables, and black patio furniture
Here is an alternate view of the same space in the home, before and after being virtually staged:
Alternate view facing inside of the home of a new construction area that is unfurnished and not decorated
Virtually staged scene within the same home, with white couch, white and gold side tables and coffee table, and white barstools
You can see how high-end virtual staging really enhances the spaces of this listing. Here are some more before and after virtual staging photos within the same home:
An empty, unstaged dining room in a new construction home
This dining room before being virtually staged, compared with after: 
A Virtually staged dining room with a modern white table, white and gold chairs and tasteful place settings
This loft area in the home before being virtually staged: 
a loft space in a home that has no furniture or decor.
And after: 
Here is one of the two primary bedrooms before virtual staging:
An unstaged, new construction primary bedroom with white marble tile and a black ceiling fan.
And here is the after photograph with virtual staging installed:
A virtually staged primary bedroom in a new construction home. It is staged with modern white furniture and decor.
As you can see, virtual staging can truly transform a property. From the enhanced atmosphere created by furniture and décor, to the light and airy vibes drawn from great design, virtual staging can help your property sell quickly. Not only that, but renters and buyers alike have come to expect staged homes online, making them a great marketing tool when listing a home! If you're interested in learning more about virtual staging or want to view more before and after photos for yourself, be sure to contact an experienced virtual staging company such as Luxury Staging Pro. Thanks for reading about how virtually staging helps create property listings with high-end visual appeal.
Virtually staged rustic luxury living room

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