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Why Virtually Stage a Home?

Why Virtually Stage a Home?

Why Virtual?

If you’ve been in the real estate industry for twenty years or more, you probably remember when you heard the first murmurs of traditional home staging. Emptying the home; and refilling it with different furniture and décor was supposed to help sell the listing? Really?

The home staging pioneers of the 70s and 80s had their work cut out for them as they had to convince one realtor, one brokerage firm or one homeowner at a time that staging a home for sale would help it: Oftentimes, home staging was viewed as “not needed,” or “unnecessary” in order to sell a home. And to think that this was before the average buyer even had access to the listing photos!

It’s now widely accepted that staging a home for sale brings more potential buyers into the space. Staged homes sell faster and for more money. One of many issues with traditional “live” staging is the expense.

Whether you’re a broker who includes full service marketing and staging in your commission structure, or you’re trying to convince your sellers that they need to pay to stage the home - there’s some big fees to swallow. Traditional staging costs anywhere from $2,500 for a “light” staging to over $10,000 (per month) for a fully staged luxury home.

At this point, many brokers are willing to consider (or recommend to their client) virtual staging as the costs are significantly less. You can generally virtually stage an entire luxury home for less than $500 - and those pictures last forever. You can pick the exact furnishing styles and colors you’d like to see, and you can revise really easily. With a traditional home stager - chances are they do not have access to tens of thousands of pieces of furniture and décor; and once the staging is “moved-in,” revisions are going to be minimal at best.

A luxury virtual stager like Luxury Staging Pro offers unlimited adjustments, and treats their clientele with the premium service they require.

We are now at the point in the timeline of real estate marketing where it’s beneficial to recommend or offer luxury virtual staging first- not as a “second best” alternative to traditional staging. There will be(and often is) some push-back both from clientele and from some old-school brokers. Virtual staging has come a long way - even in the last five years! The staging software and photoshop capability improves daily and hardly resembles virtual staging of a decade ago. Think of the improvements in CGI graphics over the last few years and you’ll have an understanding in the luxury virtual stager’s ability to recreate a “real” looking furnished luxury home. Linen chairs pop with realistic raised textures, shadows cast artistically across a room, and full 3-D decor appears to actually be placed on gleaming end tables.

As a leading luxury virtual staging company, Luxury Staging Pro is fully versed in caring for and decorating high-end listings in the same way a traditional luxury home stager does. We take pride in cultivating relationships with the firms we work for, and they appreciate our flexibility and painstaking attention to detail.

Virtually staged rustic luxury living room

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