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Is Virtual Staging Worth it?

Is Virtual Staging Worth it?

This is a question we hear time and again, “Is it even worth it to virtually stage?” The answer is a resounding and unequivocal: YES. Yes it is worth it. Without any staging the house looks empty and devoid of personality and potential. Bare and boring walls and floors don’t bring buyers in to tour the space. Unfurnished spaces don’t inspire. At the very least, potential buyers at least need a chance to see how the spaces *could* look when furnished tastefully.

Doesn’t Virtual Staging Look Fake?

The virtual staging from five or ten years ago looks obviously fake and cartoonish, but don’t let that deter you from trying out a new virtual stager today. The software and editing apps have improved tremendously, and a whole new generation of virtual staging companies have popped up to meet the demand for virtual staging services. The improvement in fully 3D items of furnishing and décor is honestly impressive. Textures of leather and linen come alive; modern art adds balance and has perfectly crafted shadows and highlights; and even the variety and hues of greenery and floral design give off a very real impression. It’s nearly indistinguishable from traditional home staging. 

Can I stage it myself?

There is somewhat of a steep learning curve, but a resourceful realtor or homeowner could definitely virtually stage their own listings with some practice. If you don’t feel comfortable; don’t have the extra time to learn; or just know your design choices would not be ideal then it’s easy enough to find a reputable professional. Ask some realtors or home photographers you know if they have a personal recommendation as it’s always preferable to have a personal referral for a service like this.

Why Would I Virtually Stage Instead of Traditionally Stage My Listing?

Think of it like this: 30 years ago, most realtors didn’t “believe” in home staging and thought it was a waste of time and definitely an unneeded expense. There was simply no consensus that it improved time on market, sales price or the number of interested buyers. The data just needed time to mature. Now, ask just about any realtor and they will tell you it’s definitely preferable to have a home professionally staged vs. empty; or full of the homeowner’s belongings. The data shows an increase in sales price and a decrease in the number of days on the market for staged homes. All that is to say: luxury virtual home staging offers the same benefits as “live” staging for a fraction of the cost! If the home doesn’t look great in photos, no one’s going to come tour it. Luxury Virtual Staging makes your listings stand out, while saving literally thousands of dollars compared to traditional staging.

Consider Luxury Staging Pro for Your Next Listing

Next time you pick up the phone to call your stager, consider hiring a virtual stager instead. Your clients will be pleased with the cost-savings, and your listing photos will still make an excellent impression.
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