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Improvements in Luxury Virtual Staging Technology

Improvements in Luxury Virtual Staging Technology

Mosaic - The First Web Browser

It's the very nature of technology to change, and to change rapidly. Virtual Staging technology is no exception to this. Remember the first internet browsers? In the early 90's we were introduced to the web with portals that now look and feel absolutely archaic. Internet architects and user-interface experts improved upon them so often and so fast that before we knew it we were surfing with today's beautiful graphics and high speed.

Virtual Staging from 2015

Virtual staging-- and specifically the luxury segment of the virtual staging industry-- is really novel in the terms of the technology powering it; the designers providing it and the realtors and builders using it. Was early virtual staging kind of an eye-sore? Undoubtedly. Looking at virtual staging from five years ago makes today's luxury designers wince in embarrassment. It was little more than a Photoshop hack-job, to be honest. Thankfully, as 3D rendering technology has improved, so, too, has virtual staging. Each piece of furniture or décor a designer wants to use is scanned from every angle imaginable, which gives luxury virtual stagers the ability to create stunning and hyper-realistic images that fit seamlessly within vacant listing photos. Gone are the days of cartoon-style virtual staging that looks awkward and cheap.

Virtually Staged by Luxury Staging Pro in 2020

As you can see from this image, the improvements in luxury virtual staging technology are immense. Today, it's nearly indistinguishable from live or "traditional" home staging. Potential buyers can truly envision themselves living, working and dining and in the spaces shown in a staged listing. The textures of the furnishings just about come through the screen. Buyers can practically feel the plushness of the velvet lounge chairs and the silky smoothness of the linen sofa as if they, too, were in the room.

Virtually Staged by Luxury Staging Pro in 2020

This image also shows how vivid and realistic luxury virtual staging can be. Notice especially the throw blanket and the dark gray pillows - they appear truly lifelike! As a luxury virtual staging company, Winnow + Gild is excited to be a part of the rapid growth in this industry. Introducing brokers and home builders to the improvements in this technology provides us with a great sense of enjoyment. 

With the rapid advancement accomplished in just five years, it's interesting to imagine even greater enhancements in the next five years. Will buyers physically step into a home, put on a pair of goggles and see the virtually staged home in a 3D scene as they walk through it? We truly believe that virtual staging is the future of home staging.

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Virtually staged rustic luxury living room

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