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How to Pick the Right Virtual Staging Company for Your Listing

How to Pick the Right Virtual Staging Company for Your Listing

As a real estate professional, you've almost certainly tried out virtual home staging a time or two by now. If not, it's definitely time to hop on this car of the home-marketing train. Virtual home staging is taking off in every major real estate market across the US and Canada. Virtual staging companies are popping up left and right, but how do you know which one to pick? Here are the top five features to look out for:

Free Revisions

Make sure the staging company you're working with offers free revisions or adjustments. Just like traditional home staging- virtual staging comes in dozens of styles, and the first time around your stager might not hit your style goals completely.

Free revisions ensure that your finished photos give off the exact style vibe you’re looking for. A reputable staging company should offer to work on your staged photos until you’re happy with them,

Large Catalog

Once you have an established relationship with a specific virtual staging designer or company, you’ll probably continue to use them for your staging needs over the years. Like traditional staging - you don’t want to see the same furniture used over and over. So make sure the company you’re using has access to a large library of furnishing and décor (like 5,000 items +) and ask if their library is regularly updated to stay on-trend.

Quick Turnaround

With all that goes into preparing a home for listing, the last thing you want to be doing is waiting on staged photos to be returned to you.

Fast Virtual Staging
Time is of the essence for virtual staging

Pick a staging company with a turnaround-time guarantee. 48 hours is pretty standard - some will stage them in 24 hours. It’s a fine line, though. You don’t want your virtual stager to rush through them, either.


Positive Reviews

The best reviews are from other realtors in your firm or networking groups. Ask around to see who your peers are using. If virtual staging isn’t popular in your area yet, just check the website of the company you’re thinking of using. They should definitely have positive reviews posted, and if they don’t - think twice before using them!


Style Match

Lastly, consider if the company or stager you’re considering matches your own personal style. Just like interior design or traditional home staging - each virtual stager is going to have their own personal style which influences how their photos turn out.

Some are more modern; some prefer transitional, some mid-century modern. Take ten or fifteen minutes to really study their gallery and make sure you have similar taste.


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